The End…

Galleries are shut down due to copyright infringements.

Site also will shut down. (May be tomorrow or may be a month later)

Thank you all.

12 thoughts on “The End…”

  1. A_Friend

    Fekking hell ! that’s a real bad news… dunno how copyright infringement could hit U, weren’t you hosted offshore on a DMCA Ignored server ?
    As for other websites you guys can check svscomics or bondagecomixxx
    Farewell Comicsfromhell…

    1. ABCD

      can you help me
      what is best way all are safe for copyright and how to find that have copyright have or not
      can you help us
      i thing i have start that type web site but i have no idea how to safe us
      plz replay any body know

  2. getclosetome

    My daily ritual to download some good porn comics or some hentai artworks will be gone.
    I know some websites that provide similiar content like here.
    But this is still the best one in my opinion.
    Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Comicsfromhell will be a legend forever.

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